WELCOME TO PRINTED ELECTRONICS LTD PEL is a UK company developing processes and systems for the commercial fabrication of electronic devices and systems using inkjet and digital methods. We provide advanced research and development, concept development, and production capability - for Printed Electronics and related functional material structures and systems. CONFORMAL PRINTING PEL have developed our own 4-axis conformal printing system for functional materials. We are selling this as a service now, and we will be offering the printing system with complete tool chain in the near future. Please email 3D@printedelectronics.com to register your interest. PRINTED PEL are global experts in functional material deposition. This includes inkjet and other printing techniques. PEL are experts in all aspects of functional material printing process development. We can create or modify; inks, substrates, machines, or the entire process - to suit your requirements. Our experience can shorten development lead-times and reduce costs. ELECTRONICS PEL can make your Printed Electronics innovation a reality, from proof of concept to full production. We are experts in electronics design and manufacture so we can fully support Printed and Conventional Electronics; most of our projects involve integrating both together. Click below to see some of the projects that we can share publicly. EXPERTISE PEL are global experts in all areas of functional material printing. We can provide; training, equipment, supplies, process development, product development, and other resources. Our state of the art open access Printed Electronics Development Facility provides leading edge capability. We support many funded consortia projects, universities and other research institutes.

Printed Electronics Limited


Over the past decade we have built a strong reputation as experts in functional printing, material deposition, inkjet and digital technologies. We focus on electronic applications but our knowledge is often applied to support you in conventional printing and deposition.

We supply and support a variety of systems, processes inks and substrates. We are uniquely skilled in providing solutions that will give you the best printing result through bespoke combinations and adaptations of machines, inks and substrates for specific applications.


Printing, Electronics and Expertise in equal measure


From a prototype smart sticker through to development of large flexible systems, we are experts in embedding electronics – especially where electronics are not normally expected. This includes antennas, sensors, displays and printed batteries. We integrate these elements with paper, plastic film, fabric, ceramics, metals, and even large 3D physical objects. We design, manufacture and assemble on site.

Our core partner is Amphenol Invotec, a leading European manufacturer of highly complex rigid, flex and flex-rigid PCBs.  So using our joint skills we can produce true hybrid products here within one facility. We are strongly involved in Wearables through partnerships with key industry partners.



We are at the leading edge of the next generation of electronics development. We can assist you with any and all elements of Printed Electronics process development.

We supply training, product and process development for companies, universities and research organisations all around the world. Our popular Inkjet and Printed Electronics Training courses run regularly in the UK, Europe and further afield. Alumni of our courses include some of the key companies in printed electronics.

We lead and are involved in several large grant-funded projects for new technologies and new processes.

Click below to see some of the projects that we can show.