About us

Printed Electronics Limited
PEL is a UK company focused on integration, development and commercialisation of processes and systems for fabrication of electronic circuits, structures and devices using digital, additive and inkjet methods.

At its formation, PEL was initially focused on the use of inkjet printing of conductive materials for the formation of circuits. In the past decade PEL has developed into a wider process and product development company using a number of advanced printing methods including, but not limited to, inkjet printing to directly form electronic circuits, sensors, systems and devices.

PEL has built up wide experience in the field of printed electronics and has become a respected “go to” company for customers wanting to manufacture Proof of Concept and product demonstrators.

PEL’s customers include many well-known large companies as well as many smaller companies all of whom we help to embed printed electronics into their products. As a very early pioneer in the industry PEL was able to secure the self-explanatory trading name and business presence.

PEL has its core facilities within the Amphenol Invotec building in Tamworth in the industrial heartland of the UK.

Amphenol Invotec is the UK’s leading manufacturer of high technology and fast turnaround PCBs.

We also have a well-equipped ink development and evaluation facility at St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge.

The field of Printed Electronics is wide and our team includes chemists and physics and electronics experts at BSc, MSc and PhD level.

Company Details
Company registration number: GB07407009
UK VAT No: (GB) 142 8803 13