From a smart sticker, to wearables, to large physical objects, we are experts in embedding electronics where you would not normally expect them. This includes; antennas, sensors, displays, and printed batteries. We integrate these elements with; paper, plastic film, fabric, ceramics, metals, and even large physical objects. We have the ability to custom; print, etch, laser cut, solder paste, and assemble on site.

As partners with Amphenol Invotec, we can also incorporate rigid, flex and flex/rigid PCBs on site. We are experts in optimised hybrid circuit solutions, whether the construction is primarily printed electronics or primarily more conventional PCB. We can advise on the best solution to fit your core requirements.

Our ability to add electronics directly onto the surface of preexisting physical objects, or inside/below the surface in some cases, can have significant benefits in terms of effectiveness and robustness.

Tamper Detection

Another area of expertise is very sophisticated verification and tamper detection.