By using functional printing PEL can create several different types of displays. One of the simplest printable structures is the Electroluminescent (EL) display: a type of light emitting display driven by an AC supply source. We are experts in printing and driving Electroluminescent displays to achieve exceptional levels of brightness. We have also worked with other groups such as the Centre for Process Innovation, a UK Catapult centre, on other types of printed large area displays.

We have also leveraged our expertise in hybrid circuits to integrate packaged LEDs and printed flexible substrates to create extremely flexible RGB displays. These can be made on fabric, on film, on paper, on stiff panels, and even on complex surfaces. For example, these can be incorporated into wearables, or chained together into very large displays.

We also have experience with Electrochromic (eInk) displays and a variety of light emitting structures.