PEL is an established builder of systems and modules for printed electronics applications.

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PEL’s DMP-UV-365, PEL-UV-395 and Dual Head systems are small and lightweight high power LED based curing system specifically for the Fujifilm Dimatix DMP. The Dual Head system is shown. As the name implies it provides both the 365nm and 395nm wavelengths of UV light.

These systems were designed here at PEL, because existing UV systems with a light pipe were too cumbersome for our own needs. We needed to make something better, and believe that we have achieved it. We have sold these systems across Europe, the US and Japan.

This is a fully integrated solution that links with the existing software and converts the DMP into a UV curable ink printing system. No internal modifications to the DMP are required. The UV head simply bolts to existing holes on the DMP head mount, and a single spiral wound cable means no disassembling the DMP to run cables.

The brochure can be viewed here

UV blocking side panels are included in the kit. The only additional requirement is a thick black cloth to block UV light from coming out of the front/top cover of the DMP.


The PEL Bluetooth EL Controller is a Bluetooth connected Electroluminescent display controller and driver circuit. It can control 16 EL zones, and it can be linked to other controllers for more zones. For instance, one of our projects was a highly custom electroluminescent digital clock with four 7-segment numeric displays and other EL features.