Textiles and Wearables

PEL works with industry leaders in wearable electronics. Our partners in this area include CuteCircuit – the leaders of wearable technology in the fashion industry, and NEL, whose Neltex fabric circuitry is used on a number of our wearable innovations such as the fabric display screen shown below.

We create a variety of electronic systems on fabrics, including very robust and capable fabric based circuits that are solderable such as the image shown below.

We can also print to make additive fabric circuits – so we can fully integrate the circuit with the fabric material.

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WEARABLES – Fabric Circuits

At Printed Electronics Ltd (PEL), we have been combining electronics on and within fabrics for a decade. We have developed solutions that deliver high conformability and useable conductivity using printed and other methods. We develop and integrate conventional electronic hardware interfaces for applications including health, sport, and sensor applications.

MATUROLIFE – a H2020 Project from 2018 to 2021

In the Maturolife project PEL have been the printed electronic and integration partner.

Within the project PEL and other partners have developed an inkjet printing method whereby we print a metal catalyst onto a fabric substrate. The substrate is then placed in an Electroless Cu bath and plated with copper.

Within the project we developed a sensor substrate for the clothing, furniture and footwear  demonstrators.