PEL are global experts in functional printing, material deposition, and integration of printed and conventional electronics. We can assist in any and all areas of Printed Electronics process development. We provide; training, process development, machine development, ink and substrate development – to help you create printed electronics and other bespoke multi-material objects.

For example PEL offers ink development services using its state-of-the art fluid analysis tools. PEL recognises that the fundamentals of successful ink jet printing of functional materials are (i) the fluid (“ink”), (ii) the head and (iii) the substrate; PEL brings expertise in all these areas and more.

PEL does process and product development for a variety of entities around the world. Many of these projects are subject to NDA, however we are happy to discuss those that are not. This particularly includes publicly funded research and development projects. We are heavily involved with the UK Catapult Centres, AMSCI, Innovate_UK,  several universities, and similar projects in the EU, US and Japan.