Next Training Course – June 2017 at IMI Europe Inkjet Summer School. See News & Events for more info.


PEL have an established range of training programmes such as those below, but we can also provide custom training as needed. These can be at your facility or ours.

The main areas of training are the “Basics of Printed Electronics” and “Advanced Inkjet and Material Deposition”. We also offer advanced training on specific areas related to our activities.

Please contact us to discuss schedules and costs.


Functional Inkjet Printing has a very steep learning curve. We can save you a lot of time and frustration with our Inkjet and Material Deposition training and follow-on support. The courses are held regularly at PEL and also in cooperation with IMI Europe.

Typical course content:

  • Inkjet technology – the basics
    Ink rheology for advanced, functional and nanoparticulate inks
    Drop visualisation
  • Ink drop/substrate interactions and spread characteristics
    Substrate surface modification methods
  • Printing and functionalisation of electronically functional inks using Pixdro, Dimatix and PEL printing systems.

The course is practically based and all participants will get to use our inkjet print systems, drop visualisation, surface energy modification equipment to produce simple printed devices. In addition we can tailor the courses to suit individual requirements if you need.