We are global experts in functional printing and material deposition processes, especially in relation to electronics and active display technologies. We supply and support a variety of machines, inks and substrates. We are uniquely skilled in providing solutions that will give you the best printing result through bespoke combinations and adaptations of machines, inks and substrates for specific applications.

Functional printing is a process with many dependent variables. You have to take the entire process into consideration when changing any variable. For example we assist machine companies with the entire process, and we assist ink companies with ink development within one or more processes. We can assist you with optimising an existing process, or creating an entire process around one core element or requirement.

We can also provide basic or in-depth training on functional printing. Inkjet printing in particular has a very steep learning curve. We can save you significant time and trouble. We have been providing our expert training for more than a decade to a large variety of institutions. Please contact us for more details.

2012-08-31 14-56 G2-18202A-crop Nano Silver Inkjet PEL sample