PEL are experts in screen printing and we try to push the boundaries in terms of smaller feature size and larger print size or complexity. Our customer requirements are stringent and we screen print in clean room where needed. Screen printing is the most commonly used print method in the Printed Electronics Industry – and for good reason: screen printing inks and methods are mature and reliable. If the product needs to be repeatably the same, then screen printing is a very good choice. Of course, if every product needs to be different then our digital methods (inkjet and 3DSP etc are more suitable).

Screen Printing: Partnership with Micro-tec of Japan.

We have used an excellent Micro-tec system in our own facility for some years and since 2018 PEL have been technical support and distributors for Micro-tec in the UK and parts of mainland Europe.



Please contact us for more details of the range of industrial screen print systems that we can provide.

Training Course: Screen Printing for Electronics and Material Deposition

PEL offer specialist training on all aspects of Screen Printing, please contact us for more details.