At PEL we have been using the Dimatix DMP since the time we started the company well over a decade ago.

We know very well how to use, maintain and service the DMP – building that experience ourselves over many years. We can help to repair your system or assist via Integrity Inkjet and Fujifilm support. We designed and build a UV cure system that is now one of the standard “add-ons” to many DMP systems across the globe. If you need assistance with any aspect of the DMP – from training through to advice on repair please get in contact.


PEL has longstanding expertise with the DMP. PEL provide complete support and sales for the DMP. New machines, training, supplies, repairs and upgrades.

The DMP system is an excellent and cost effective starting point in printed electronics. Come try one out in our Open Access lab facility. Contact us for more details.


PEL supply custom additions and modifications for the Fujifilm Dimatix DMP series printers and PixDro systems. One of our primary products is the UV Cure system for the DMP printer.

PEL’s DMP Bitmap Editing Software

This free software is provided with no guarantee – other than “it will be useful for your printing on the DMP”!

If you are a user of the DMP you will know that it is capable of printing with variable print density. As the nozzles are all in a single straight line, the print density (DPI) is simply specified by setting the angle of the head. You will also know that setting the print head angle accurately is a challenge requiring some manual tweaks and multiple use of the “Cartridge Angle” tool in the fiducial camera view. Once the head angle is correctly set, it is more convenient to leave it set.

However, what happens if you find that your chosen head angle which you set using photo-paper now gives too much inkflow on the actual glass substrate? This software gives a good solution without needing to alter head angle.

This software takes a 1-bit bitmap and converts it into 4 separate bitmaps using a “chessboard” mask. This is very useful when your print head is set to 1270dpi (20um space) but you need less ink going down in a single pass because you see ink flow on the substrate.

Our freeware software is a standalone file needing .NET only. It can be downloaded as a zipped exe file here.

There is no separate user manual because it is very simple – load the 1bit bitmap file, click Process Image and 4 versions of your original file will appear in the same directory. The new files have a lower drop spacing but can be printed at the original DPI setting of the DMP.

e.g. Print the “*  .NE.bmp” file and it will be 1/4 of the drop density of your original file.  If you really do need to achieve the same full density that you set – then print the NE file, dry the part in-situ, then print the SE file, and repeat the process until all 4 files have been printed. The sum of these files is the full density of your original file – but now there is time for the ink to dry between prints.