In addition to supplying and supporting various machines, we also make our own expansion modules and adapters for different print heads.


PEL’s DMP-UV-365 (shown), PEL-UV-395 and Dual Head systems are small and lightweight high power LED based curing system specifically for the Fujifilm Dimatix DMP.

They were designed here at PEL because existing UV systems with a light pipe were too cumbersome for our own needs. We decided to make something better and believe that have achieved it. We have sold these systems across Europe, the US and in Japan.

This is a fully integrated solution that links to the existing software and converts the DMP into a UV curable ink printing system. No internal modifications are needed – the UV head simply bolts to existing holes on the DMP head mount.


We are currently working on print head adapters for certain machine manufacturers. We will post more information when they are available to the public.